Is it possible to buy STARWAY shoes only? If so, how much do they cost?

Yes, it is. Just and tell us which model you want and the desired size. Please note that shoe soles are not pierced to accommodate fixing bolts. Upon request, we can mount the ordered shoes on an existing chassis, for a supplement of CHF  or EUR  .

ModelAvailable sizesPrice per pair
White basket
Black basket
White and black basket
Black leather boots with high uppers

Is it possible to order the chassis only?

Yes. and tell us which model you want and the desired size (Chassis vs. shoe sizes Fitting tables). Chassis come complete, with axles and all necessary nuts and bolts, but without wheels or front stopper. If you have a pair of shoes you want mounted on a chassis, go to our page "Design your own pair of STARWAY Quad Rollerskates".

ModelAvailable sizesPrice per pair
FORMULE 1   (Plate detail)
FORMULE 2   (Plate detail)

Your website doesn't list the spare part I need. What should I do?

We are the manufacturers of STARWAY Quad Rollerskates and every single part is available. However, since there are a hundred different components (screws, nuts and bolts, cushions, axles, etc.), it would take up too much room to list them all. the desired part or send us a picture; we'll get back to you if we need more details and tell you how much it costs.

My Quad rollerskates need servicing. What should I do?

All servicing is carried out in our workshop. Just return your skates to your favourite sporting goods shop which will send them on to us. Alternatively, send them back to us . In either case, we'll get back to you and provide you with a price estimate.

The sporting goods store I visited doesn't stock STARWAY Quad Rollerskates. What should I do?

If you live in or near Switzerland, we'll be happy to send you the address of the nearest sporting goods store that sells STARWAY Quad Rollerskates. where you live. If you live abroad and don't want to order direct from this website (here), ask your favourite sporting goods store to contact us.

How do I adjust my skates?

To ensure you get the best out of your Starways, take a few minutes to adjust them according to your weight and skating style. You'll need a small spanner to tighten or loosen the main nuts on the axes in order to obtain the desired flexibility. If they're too tight, slaloming can be a problem, and if they're too loose, your skates can be hard to control. It's better to have the front axes a bit tighter than the rear axes. If you want your ball bearings to last, see the following question.

How do I take care of my ball bearings?

Most European ball bearings don't need any special maintenance. They come ready-lubricated and you shouldn't try adding grease or oil. Oil would only dissolve the original lubrication, allowing humidity to seep in and finally blocking the bearing. If your bearings get dirty or wet, just wipe them with a dry cloth.